Tobacco Use

How would you describe your cigarette smoking?
How many years have you smoked?
How many years did you smoke?
How many cigarettes do you currently smoke per day?
How many cigarettes did you previously smoke per day?
Do you or have you used any other form of tobacco?

Alcohol Use

Do you drink alcohol?

Illegal / Illicit Drug Use


Are you concerned about HIV Risk?


Please mark any known allergies you have.

Please describe your reaction (if any):

Your Medical History

Please indicate if YOU have a history of the following:

Please list any additional conditions or diseases you have had (not shown above):

Family Medical History

Please indicate if YOUR FAMILY has a history of the following: ONLY include parents, grandparents, siblings, and children

Please list any family members with history of Cancer:
Please list any additional pertinent family medical history (not shown above):

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